Discuss the Impact of Alchemy on the Modern Science of Chemistry

Topics: Chemistry, Chemical element, Alchemy Pages: 4 (1147 words) Published: September 23, 2011
Discuss the impact of Alchemy on the modern science of Chemistry.

At the first time human being have found gold - a rare and the most valuable element in the world, people are attracted by its shiny and glowing appearance. They are trying to find different ways turning those ordinary base metals into worthy gold. This kind of transformation process started at the Middle Ages, named as Alchemy, was the initiation of the modern science of Chemistry.

Alchemy is a difficult and complicated subject. It was not only focusing on chemistry stream, but also involving other non-science concepts and theories in the religious and philosophic areas. The history of alchemy has been found all over the world, such as ancient Babylon, Egypt, India, Persia, China, Greek, Rome and so on. No matter western or eastern culture, did all believe that alchemy could improve the quality of life. Other than turning those low-priced metals into gold, another aim of alchemy is trying to produce a special kind of medicine in order to maintain an endless life. That’s why when it comes to the issue of alchemy, we usually regard it was a chemical process as well as a spiritual process. It is because alchemy’s ultimate objective was varied depending on different time frame and places. Historians of alchemy point out that there were no any differences between chemistry and alchemy in the seventeenth century. Up to 19 centuries, people still had a faith in the theory of alchemy. Some famous scientists had done lots of research and experiments on alchemy. Two of the founding fathers of modern science, Boyle and Isaac Newton were both believers in alchemical transmutation, had tried many ways to practice alchemy.

However, modern science of chemistry has stated clearly that alchemy is not a feasible scientific method. Alchemists could never turn other metals into gold. The only thing they did was combining two or more metals into alloy or plating a golden colour on the surface of the metals....
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