Discuss the Health Care System

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Discuss their health care system's essential features

Dominican Republic
United States

Vanessa Fantauzzi Student St. Petersburg College

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The Dominican Republic shares the Caribbean island of Hispaniola with Haiti. The island was reached by explorer Christopher Columbus on his first trip to the New World from Europe in 1492, and was inhabited by indigenous Tainos before the arrival of Spanish colonists. Traditionally a sugar producer, the economy of the Dominican Republic is currently dominated by the service sector of the service industry, and the country is now the largest tourist destination in the Caribbean. As a middle income country, the Dominican Republic has per capita GDP of over USD5, 000. Local inhabitants have a strong passion for music and sports; merengue dancing and baseball are both extremely popular.

According to UN health agency the World Health Organization (WHO), life expectancy in the Dominican Republic is 66 years for males and 74 for females. These figures are below the regional average for the Americas. Demographic concerns in the Dominican Republic include problems associated with migrants from neighboring Haiti.

Overall health expenditure per capita in the Dominican Republic is USD449, which is only a small fraction of the WHO Americas regional average, and represents 6.0 percent of GDP. Approximately 41.4 percent of total health spending comes from government expenditure. Private Dominican Republic health insurance represents about 22.5 percent of overall private health spending, with the remainder coming from out of pocket expenditure. Communicable diseases are prevalent above the regional average in the Dominican Republic, with 11 cases of HIV per 1,000 adults...
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