Discuss the Factors Affecting the Rates of Conformity

Topics: Conformity, Social psychology, Asch conformity experiments Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Discuss the factors affecting the rates of Conformity
Conformity is the process of yielding to the majority influence and it has been researched for the past years by many great psychologists. However, evidently how much an individual conforms. Firstly dating back to the experiment of Solomon Asch-1951 whereby he manipulated Sherif’s experiment by making sure the participants’ conformity can be measured without the confounding element of ambiguity. Asch’s experiment initial experiment at the time was to measure the conformity under the social pressures of the majority influence. He carried out his experiment by seven participants; only having one real subject seat on the end of the row and the rest confederates who called out the letter of the line out of three of which was identical to that of the first. The conformity was evident as the confederates answered with the wrong answer during 12 out of the 18 trials carried out known as the critical trials ,of which blatantly was dissimilar to that of the one they were comparing to however the subject conformed. The results finally proved that 32% went along with the confederates who meant that they conformed to majority influence when they knew their answers were wrong.74% conformed only once and to only 26% of the participants who never conformed at all. He concluded that this was because of either normative social influence which is that the subjects felt compelled to conform as they would otherwise be rejected. The other of which were due to informational pressures, where they believed that perhaps the others knew more than them. Fortunately Asch continued his experiment further by altering the procedure where the independent variable was changed. One of which is when one other participant didn’t conform and this decreased the level of conformity by 5%. This shows that when not alone the levels of conformity levels fall so the individual is no longer following the majority. Also when the size of majority...
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