Discuss the Extent to Which Different Legislatures Control the Work of the Executive.

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UK Government and Politics Assessment Sheet

Title of Essay: Discuss the extent to which different legislatures control the work of the executive. Date of Essay: 19/4

1 Independent Learning
How many articles did you read and which ones?
PR15N2 – Oversight and scrutiny

Did you read any books? If so, which ones?
Heywood Chapter 16 – Assemblies

Did you use any other resources, e.g. the internet? If so, which ones? Class notes

How long did you spend PREPARING your essay? (Be honest!)
10 -15minutes
2 Completing your Essay
How much time did you spend WRITING your essay? (Again, be honest!) Under an hour

Did you encounter any SPECIFIC problems? Give details.

3 Action Points after Feedback

4 Teacher Assessment Marked out of 30 marks and assessed according to the grid below. Objectives | Comment | Mark |
AO1 Knowledge and understanding. i.e. Do you know the relevant institutions, theories and debates? Do you have up-to-date examples? Do you use the correct political terminology? Do you show that you understand that knowledge? | | /20 | AO2 Analysis and Evaluation. i.e. How well do you keep focussing on the demands of the question? How well do you compare, assess, identify etc.? Have you looked at two or more sides of the argument? Do you make a supported judgement in your conclusion? | | /24 | AO3 Ability to construct an argument and communicate it effectively making use of a range of political vocabulary. i.e. Do you have a central argument and express yourself in a clear English? Do you use paragraphs and spell accurately? | | /6 | Overall Mark : | |

5 Teacher's overall comment including targets for improvement

6 Possible grade based on this mark

Discuss the extent to which different legislatures control the work of the executive. [50] At the present, the growth in the role of government, especially in the areas of social welfare and economic management, has been associated with a redistribution of power from assemblies to executives. This requires greater scrutiny of the executive the extent to which legislatures can oversee depends on the system of government; whether it is parliamentary such as the UK, whereby the executive is drawn from the legislature or presidential such as the US, where there is a separation of powers between Congress and the president. Additionally, it depends on the structure of the legislature with bicameral chambers almost always being a greater check on the executive as oppose to unicameral chambers as well as the level of party discipline within assemblies and also the power vested in committees to carry out their legislative and scrutiny functions. Given that the UK is a parliamentary system where the legislature is dominated by the executive, it has a much smaller role in overseeing the work of the executive constituting more of a policy-influencing assembly rather than a policy-making assembly as illustrated by Congress in the US. Legislatures can control the work of the executive through legislation which is often seen as the key function of legislatures. Here proposed laws can be openly discussed and debated. However, the idea that legislatures possess the formal legislative authority is misleading. In the US, the president submits about eighty per cent of all legislation considered in Congress. In the UK given that it is a parliamentary system whereby the executive is drawn from the legislature, it is overwhelmingly the case that the party in government constitutes a majority in the legislature which makes it difficult for the legislature to oversee it given that the opposition party does not hold a majority. A second chamber here only complements the first chamber in its ability to check the government of the day. The House of Lords cannot interfere with Money Bills or policies cited in their manifestoes. It is important to note however, that the second chamber acts as a method of preserving the status quo, and as...
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