Discuss the Different Poetic Techniques, Themes, and the Uses of Language in the Poetry of Shakespeare, Blake, Whitman, Dickinson, Frost, and Rich.

Topics: Marriage, Tartuffe, Molière Pages: 3 (1015 words) Published: August 14, 2011
Each of the woman from the plays has different personalities, weakness, position and of the importance. The woman come from different background and context, job titles of being a maid to becoming a Queen. Also, by portraying these females show how life were for them during their time. What type of power did they have over there male counterparts and could they voice their opinion. Jocasta was the queen of Thebes and the wife of King Laius. Jocasta and Laius received a prophecy that lauis were to be kill by his own son. This what cause Jocasta and Laius to pierce and bind their only child ankles and abandon him on the mountainside to die. Jocasta were often criticized for her distrust in the prophecies, and did not believe in the prophecy receive about their son. Jocasta thought that her child, she abandon were dead and her husband kill by thieves. Eventhough, in the play Jocasta express disapproval of the prophecy, but she pray to Apollo, giving offerings, and asking for protection. Jocasta compare to other characters in the play is seen as a hypocrite, and it seems she's not easily convince by the Gods. When Jocasta realize that the man she married was her son, and they committed incest. She could not bear the feeling of being passionate in love with her son and having his children. Therefore, she hung herself with bedsheets, which characterized of her committing incest actions. Interestingly, Jocasta plays both wife and parental figure to Oedipus. She loved Oedipus romantically, but like a parent, she wanted to protect him from learning the truth of their relationship. Like her son Oedipus, Jocasta commits most of her "sins" in ignorance. Desdemona is portrayed as the innocent and devoted wife to Othello. She is truly in love with Othello, so much in love they married discretely. She ignore the fact of Othello being a Moor and her father disapproval of him. She is very naive and trusting, which was her downfall that played the part of the problem...
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