Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Short-Cuts in an Organisational Setting

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Topic 4 – Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using short-cuts in an organisational setting

The shortcuts in organisations are used for valuating the characteristics of co-workers. In organisations, the managers are always assessing their employees, also the make judge about their employees performance and efficiency at work. The perception of individuals may derive from the time environment, mentality, purposes, and history of the perceiver. The great significance in perception takes place the appearance, personality and their attitude. The most important perception in the processing of an organisation is the management's perception on employees. The managers take control and make significant decisions, and also control the organization's behavior. Thus, managers are required to make the best possible decisions to profit their organization in order to make the best decisions. Every decision a manager makes have to have a positive or negative effects organization behavior. If a manager makes negative decisions the employees will not be satisfied. Unsatisfied employees may lead to ineffective feedback for the company. Managers must acknowledge that each individual has their own biases; also the managers need to know and understand how the perception explains, predicts and influences behavior. The other important factor the managers may consider that people sometimes create their own perception. There are the positive and negative effects of using perceptive shortcuts in judging others. Milbourne, (2001)

The perceptive shortcuts may affect the quality of a person’s decision making and performance. According to Robbins, (2008) the most frequently used shortcuts are based on: the First the frequently used shortcut in judgment is selective perception, where interpretation based on ones expectation. The second shortcut is Halo effect, where a manager hires only attractive people claiming attractive people work more productively. The third is contrast effect, where a leader of team fires an employees because compared to everyone else he is the only employees that dresses differently. The fourth is projection, where a management provides all their employees a suspension in pay because one employee is caught embezzling business revenue. The final frequently used shortcut in judgment is stereotyping, where the manager does not hire a woman as a constructor because it is popularly believed that the women co not do hard labor work. These five frequently used shortcuts may negatively and positively affect the judgment of people. Milbourne, (2001)

Thus, if the person comes to contact with another person one may perceive that person makes a quick judgment about this person. Quick judgments are also based on the individual’s appearance, age, sex, and nationality. Basically, the shortcuts in judging others are not based on factual information of the person who is being judged. The majority of the information the person quickly interprets of another person that may lead to improper conclusion. The perception shortcuts can affect the quality of individual decision making and achievement. What is why the effective manager has to predict and recognize a distortion of information in proper time. ()

However, a strong organizational culture should be the one where the majority of co-workers have same basic beliefs and values that applies to the organization. The people in this group may follow the perceived rules and ethical procedures that are basic to the organization, even if those values are not stated by the organization. The same goals in the majority of people may lead to be extremely valuable for building a team where all the participants are working as a team that may lead to improvement and efficiency in organisation. Further, the manger has to asses their employee’s performance. So, these days specific application of shortcuts in judgment others plays significant role in organisations. All five frequently used...
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