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Social science research is refers to any scientific study of human action and Interaction focusing on element of thought and behavior that are in some sense Social, as such social scientific aspire to science, they intend to study human action and interaction, and thought and behavior in a systematic, rigorous evident-based, generalizing replicable and cumulative fashion. social science is more specifically a truth seeking activity aim at contributing to existing knowledge ,generating new knowledge or for application to some specific problem related to human action and truth seeking is the search or investigation of a body of a real things event or fact Interaction In social science, truth seeking is normally the process of applying a scientific. method to a social inquiry. A scientific method is the set of principle and procedures used by social scientist for investigating phenomena acquiring new knowledge or correcting and integrating previous knowledge .In many instance, this process involve formulating or testing a specific theory or hypothesis in the broadest sense where theory is defined as a set of interrelated construct, definitions and prepositions that present a systematic view of phenomena by specifying relations among variables with the purpose of explaining and predicting phenomena .often social scientist contribute to existing knowledge and generating new knowledge by systematically Investigating one or more of three types of research

Types of Scientific Research
Depending on the purpose of research, scientific research projects can be grouped into three types: exploratory, descriptive, and explanatory. Exploratory research is often conducted in new areas of inquiry, where the goals of the research are: (1) to scope out the magnitude or extent of a particular phenomenon, problem, or behavior, (2) to generate some initial ideas (or “hunches”) about that phenomenon, or (3) to test the feasibility of undertaking a...
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