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Topics: Drinking water, Water, Water pollution Pages: 3 (638 words) Published: October 4, 2014
1888 PressRelease - Test results prove positive that ECoS3 with Pulse can provide clean, potable water at production level scale. E3 will work with local authorities to develop planning for application in agriculture during the California drought.

E3 Services and Solutions Inc. (http://www.e3space.com) held a press conference yesterday at its west coast R&D Center in Pacheco, California announcing the company's development of water treatment and reclamation technologies for the residential and commercial customers as well as the mining and oil & gas industries.

Over forty people were in attendance and included local political representatives, investors, news and community sponsors. During the conference, E3 demonstrated the ECoS3 with Pulse product. The live demonstration involved securing water from Martinez Bay, processing the water through ECoS3 with Pulse and serving the finished water to guests.

Participants were encouraged to test and taste the difference between the mineral water on hand and E3's treated product. In a nearly unanimous result, participants preferred the Martinez Bay water that had been treated by the ECoS3 system with Pulse.

Mark A. Skoda, CEO of E3 stated, "We demonstrated our production level product and encouraged our guests to taste the water. After some initial resistance, everyone joined in and found the result to be excellent. While we were able to create a high quality drinking water, it was our test results that demonstrated the remarkable result of our system."

The test results were as follows and are indicated in parts per million (PPM) - BEFORE/AFTER: Aquatic bacteria/Pathogen: 1200/2
Petroleum Hydrocarbons, (oil, diesel, gasoline): 79/Non detectable Suspended Solids (microorganisms, silt, sand): 16.7/Non detectable Total Dissolved Solids (with Pulse): 16,000/1,600

Dr. Michael Green commented, "While our approach for this demonstration was focused on producing potable water, our ECoS3 platform is a scalable...
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