Discuss how the identified theory of play helps understanding of children’s play

Topics: Developmental psychology, Learning, Play Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: October 26, 2014

Unit 4- A1
Discuss how the identified theory of play helps understanding of children’s play The theory I have identified is by Jean Piaget, his theory links with discovery play. Piaget believed that children are little scientists as they are always learning new things. Meggitt.C (page 125) states “Children are like little scientist, exploring their world and working at different levels about the world.” He also believes that the stages children learn in don’t just build on top of one another they also overlap each other. Piaget believes that when children are doing activities they are learning new things all the time. They learn through their own discoveries whether they are playing with others or on their own. Piaget also believes that when children are playing they are learning many different things by using their own senses and initiative. Meggit.C (page 125) states “Piaget emphasises that children are active learns, they learn through their own senses and movement.” If practitioners in the setting acknowledge Piaget’s theory they will understand why self-initiative play is vital for children’s development as it supports children’s communication skills and self-confidence. It will help children to develop positive decompositions towards challenges, self-initiated learning and change. If practitioner’s in an early year setting was not aware of Piaget’s theory and the children didn’t get to take part in self-initiated play or explore things through play then it could affect the children’s development which means they won’t be using their own initiative which means they may not be able to do things independently short-term and long-term. This may also lead to the child lacking their cognitive development.
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