Discuss How the Family, Education, Religion, Media, Political and Legal Systems Are Used to Maintain Social Control”

Topics: Sociology, Socialization, Education Pages: 3 (929 words) Published: April 5, 2011
One can construe a linkage between social order and social control. For society to exist there must be order and predictability and to ensure this some measures are to be taken. As such social control is simply all the mechanisms a society would put in place to ensure conformity and compliance of its members. This is significant to the economy to guarantee that people live in peace and that crime rates decrease in order for society to move towards a developed status. The Caribbean of all societies need to have proper social control mechanisms in place if they are to develop economically, socially and politically especially for tourism to build. For instance, Tobago has a very low hotel occupancy rate due to the crime situation within the country. This has a negative effect because it breaks down tourism and decreases foreign capital from accumulating within the economy. As such, in order to persuade people to conform to these norms and behave orderly, societies have developed two methods of ensuring conformity in both a formal and informal way via the socialization process.

Informal control relates to the many expectations and behaviours made by societies which are not enforced by the law. It simply reinforces the concept of socialization. These are categorized into two groups, namely primary and secondary. The primary agents of socialization enforce these unofficial rules of society, they are the family and our peer groups. This is how, as Durkheim claimed the moral codes are implanted. The Family functions as an institution of social control by socializing individuals as to accepted and expected norms, values and standards of behaviour of the wider society. If we conform we are praised, but if we deviate from these accepted values we are punished. This punishment may take various forms such as grounding, taking away one’s cellphone ridicule or gossip. This process of learning the rules and values is reinforced by our friends. When transitioning from...
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