Discuss"Home Burial" and "Death of the Hired Man" by Frost

Topics: Marriage Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: November 4, 2007
In Frost's "Home Burial," a married couple are mourning the death of their son, and they don't appear to possess enough  communication skills or not comfortable with each other to console one another in order to cope with their child's passing. The husband wants to talk to his wife, but she is aloof with him and avoids any confrontation. The two could be so stricken with grief that even speaking of their dead child could be hard to swallow, and therefore they avoid or don't make an effort to discuss the subject all together. But I think that they never really had "heart-to-hearts" (a relationship can't thrive without good communication) before and are suffering the consequences, the relationship is breaking apart, and by the end of the poem there seems to be nothing either them can do to come together and heal. In "Death of a Hired Man," the couple are a complete opposite from the couple in "Home Burial". The wife pulls the husband aside to speak about a the pair's friend who had needed a place to stay. They easily strike up a conversation about the man, Silas, who never makes an appearance but is described as a proud man who lacks reverence for his well-to-do brother. They have a causal conversation about Silas, and how he feels that their home is also his, and because of that he had come there to die. Because of they dialogue and imagery Frost provided, I as the reader was able to visualize what was going on, and what the effect of the death would do to them. They seemed to be able to confide in one another about anything grim or happy, and I think they will be able to cope with their friend's death.
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