Discuss Any One of the Films Listed in the Module Guide by Adopting One of the Approaches Explored so Far in the Module – I.E. Either the Debate on the Film Auteur, or National/ Transnational Aspects of the Mise En

Topics: My Beautiful Laundrette, Stephen Frears, Close-up Pages: 4 (1380 words) Published: March 12, 2011
Introduction to the movie
Stephen Frears is one of the greatest British directors who build his international reputation by directing many controversial movies. One of these movies is ‘My Beautiful Launderette’ kick started his career in the mid 80’s. The film is a perfect slice of Thatcherite Britain and great gay romance. ‘‘My Beautiful Laundrette’ is the story of Omar, a young restless Asian man caring for his alcoholic father in Thatcheriste London. Escape comes in the form of his uncle’s many varied business ventures…’ (Nicola Osborne. (2005). My Beautiful Laundrette. Available: http://www.eufs.org.uk/films/my_beautiful_laundrette.html. Last accessed 08th March 2011) Freas’s unique visionary mind – a mind that truly understood the cinematic art form – presents in his film issues about immigration and racism in Britain at the beginning of 1980’s. Stephen Frears shows the true image of England. This is the main reason why ‘My Beautiful Launderette’ becomes my choice for the debate in this essay. The argument

Stephen Freares in 1980s was the forefront of the new generation of British shock artists. As one of the fist directors who started breaking the taboo of nationality, immigration and homosexual relationships – in British cinema. Not many directors before him used this mix of all these aspects in one film story. In ‘My Beautiful Launderette’ the two main characters become great examples in the debate about nationality and sexuality in Thatcher’s society. However, is the difference in sexuality or race what makes them feel different from the others or only that society makes them feel that way or the director wants to presents ‘them’ this way? However, by analysing the short sequence from ‘My beautiful Launderette’ in aspects of misen en scene, I will try to answer these questions as well as make debate about national and transnational cinema.

Introduction to the sequence
The sequence of my choice from Stephen Freaks’s movie is 30 seconds long and...
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