Discuss and Compare Two Advertisements

Topics: Advertising, Emotion, Marketing Pages: 3 (785 words) Published: February 23, 2009
Analyze carefully one print-based advert and analyze carefully one image-based advert. Paying careful attention to the technique used

Advertising plays an important role in your life. Everywhere you look there are pictures and messages influencing our decisions and telling us what we should do. Though this may not always be seen as a good thing, as studies have shown that this limits the possibilities of conscious choice and promotes a consumer society. This may be true but advertisement does play a fundamental role in the economy of almost every country, billions of pounds spent each year on market research and ad campaigns. Everywhere you look it is likely an advertisement is looking back.

Advertisements come in three main forms these are; public, consumer and charity. Each has a different target audience.

Public advertisements are messages sent through the media by the government. These aim to inform the general public about health and welfare issues, another is consumer advertisement. It aims to make a person buy their product. Usually products bought out of desire. The third type is charity. Charity advertisement provides no concrete product. Their adverts aim to make someone give aid (e.g. money) to help their causes

Each form has a different target audience and therefore uses different techniques to make achieve there aims. It is very important to get the right audience otherwise it is likely to not be effective. This is done by using certain language, captions and images that may attract certain people

The following advertisement was found in ‘The Times’, a broadsheet newspaper; it is appealing to a more affluent reader, therefore hoping to attract further donations. It aims towards a possibly wealthier reader who may find £15 a month a reasonable amount.

The most striking content of the advertisement is the illustration. It has obviously been designed to catch the eye of the reader. It is a young girl’s face (most likely Amies.)...
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