Discuss/Analyze Calixta Whom Was Loathed in "The Storm" by Kate Chopin

Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Short story, Kate Chopin, The Reader, Storm / Pages: 2 (734 words) / Published: Jun 25th, 2014
Discuss/Analyze Calixta Whom Was Loathed in “The Storm” by Kate Chopin “The Storm” by Kate Chopin was written to portray sex as an exuberant part of life, not to be looked down on. Some would find it hard not to loathe the adulterous Calixta after reading the short story that involved her and her ex-love interest. Authors use different techniques to communicate to reader’s reactions to the characters they are realistically depicting. To get an emotional and realistic analysis from their readers, an author reveals a character’s physical appearance, personality traits, actions, strengths and weaknesses, thoughts, background and prior experiences, and flaws and feelings. Most writers especially try not to make their readers feel indifferent towards the characters in order to keep the reader interested into reading more of the story. The author wants the reader to have an emotional feeling about the characters, loathe is not what she wanted to depict of Calixta, yet she did. Chopin expresses Calixta’s thoughts and feelings throughout the story. After Alcee rides in on his horse, Calixta begins to realize how bad the storm is brewing. At first, she seems so concerned about her husband and son, Bobinot and Bibi. She does not know if they are somewhere safe as she states, “an there’s Bobinot with Bibi out in that storm-if he only didn’t left Friedheimer’s!”(176) At this point in the story she seems like such a caring wife and mother. She is really upset as she looks out the window to notice the strong storm in which Bobinot and Bibi could possibly be caught up in. As she cries, she gets a comforting hug from her former lover. Calixta cries out “If I only knew w’ere Bibi was!”(177) She is so disturbed, “She could not compose herself: she would not be seated.”(177) The odd thing is, she is being comforted by a man that clearly still has feeling for her and she too has feelings for him while her child and husband are out in this dangerous cyclone storm. Chopin gives a

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