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Week 2 Discussion Questions
Charlotte McGuffey
July 29, 2013
Christina Winn

Week 2 Discussion Questions
How does the Supreme Court affect U. S. society today?
The Supreme Court is supposed to interpret the Constitution as it pertains to each case before the court. These decisions then affect public policy and application of the laws. Sometimes laws can be rendered nullified or unenforceable. In some newer cases that deal with internet or other technologies not present at the time of creation, extend beyond the reach of the Constitution, the Supreme Court must interpret how the Constitutional laws should affect the case. This affects the way U. S. society sees the Constitution as it pertains to them. Why does Constitutional interpretation change from court to court? Constitutional interpretation changes from court to court because each case is unique and each presiding judge has a different opinion on the Constitution. The Framers made the Constitution so that it only changes throw new Amendments but each person can interpret the Amendments as they pertain to each court case. Each state also has their perspective on the Constitution and this also affects the interpretation from court to court. How do Presidential elections affect the Supreme Court?

Presidential elections affect the Supreme Court depending on what political party the president is. This affects who the President nominates for any vacancies in the Supreme Court at the time of election. In some cases, such as when Clinton won over Bush, there were several vacancies that Bush did not fill so the Democrat-controlled Congress withheld action on Bush’s nominees. Because Congress did this, when Clinton come into office he filled those vacancies with Democratic nominees.

What side would you take in the debates between the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists? Why did the Federalists win in 1788? I am a person who sees both sides of an argument, but I would like to think I would choose...
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