Discursive Writing: Examples

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Introducing a discursive essay

The opening of an essay is important. It should capture the reader's attention in some way or another. It should avoid being bland or dull. It should invite the reader to read on and create a sense of interest. If the beginning is flat, it will not inspire your audience.

Methods of Opening a Discursive Essay

The following methods are suggestions. It is up to you to decide which style suits your writing best.

e.g."It is difficult to see how anyone can approve of fox hunting."

e.g."Fox hunting is a subject about which people hold strongly contrasting views."

e.g."Oscar Wilde once described fox hunting as 'The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable.'."

e.g."On a glorious autumn morning a terrified, exhausted animal is savaged to death by a pack of baying dogs while a group of expensively dressed humans encourage the dogs in their bloody work."

e.g."I have always detested fox hunting since I was almost physically sick while watching a television film of the kill at the end of a hunt."

Linking ideas in a discursive essay

Any well-written piece of discursive writing will flow as one continuous piece despite being made up of three or four different arguments. One of the techniques which can help you to achieve this effectively is the use of linking words. These words are usually used at the beginning of a new paragraph but can also be used to link ideas within a paragraph.

Same line of thought
e.g. - and, firstly, secondly etc., next, furthermore, likewise, in addition, similarly, also, moreover.

e.g. - thus, therefore, consequently, accordingly, in retrospect, hence, in conclusion, in brief, as a result.

Definite statement
e.g. - without question, without doubt, unquestionably, absolutely.

Contrasting idea
e.g. - yet, on the other hand, nevertheless, however, although, conversely, otherwise, on the contrary....
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