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ADB factsheet

Discrimination and the
Board of NSW
What is discrimination?
Discrimination occurs when someone is treated unfairly
because they belong to a particular group of people or
have a particular characteristic.
Many people have fixed ideas about groups of people
who are different from themselves. If we aren’t careful,
this can lead us to discriminate against people who
belong to those groups.
In NSW many types of discrimination are against the law.
The laws dealing with discrimination help give everyone
an equal chance.

What is the Anti-Discrimination
Board of NSW?
The Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW is part of the
NSW Department of Justice and Attorney General. It
administers the anti-discrimination laws.

too young. Forcing people to retire at any particular
age is also against the law.
Marital or domestic status discrimination
when you are treated unfairly because of your marital
or domestic status — for example because you are
single, or married, or living in a de facto relationship.


Homosexual discrimination
when you are treated unfairly because you are gay or
lesbian, or someone thinks you are gay or lesbian.


Disability discrimination
when you are treated unfairly because:
— you have a disability,
— someone thinks you have a disability,
— you had a disability in the past, or
— you may or will get a disability in the future.


Staff at the Anti-Discrimination Board:
deal with complaints of discrimination;


try to prevent discrimination — by educating people
about what the anti-discrimination laws say and why
they are important; and


report to the Government if they think the law needs
changing to help prevent discrimination.


What types of discrimination and
harassment are against the law
in NSW?
Sex discrimination
when you are treated unfairly because you are a woman
or because you are a man. This includes being...
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