Discriminatory Practices

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Task B You’re Work Role

Bi My contract covers many terms and conditions such as Job title, Entitlement - rate of pay, holiday entitlement, retirement and ill-health benefits, bonus/overtime rates, uniform and/expenses allowances, public holidays, time recording,etc.
Responsibilities such as working hours, reporting illness/absence, complaints procedures, notice periods for leaving/dismissal, requirements to change working hours. Other conditions restricting the employee taking other part-time work, confidentiality clauses, using company equipment for private use (e.g. phones, computers, and vehicles) general codes of behaviour and adherence to certain corporate practices, health & safety regulations, etc. more in depth information
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It is action taken to prevent discrimination on the grounds of race, class, gender, disability etc. and takes into account how we behave towards other individuals. All employees in a care setting should promote this practice in the workplace as it is key to combating prejudice, in doing so they are trying to eradicate discrimination and promote equality for service users and for staff.
Health & Safety- You are required to gain an understanding of the company’s health & safety procedures, observe them and ensure that safety equipment and clothing are always used and to attend any relevant training as and when requested to. The company’s health and safety information is displayed on the notice board.
Confidentiality-You acknowledge that during the course of employment you will have access to confidential information belonging to the company. You shall not at any time during (except in the proper course of carrying out your duties) or after your employment whether directly or indirectly disclose to a third party or make use of any confidential information. Confidential information shall include, information relating to the company’s service users and any prospective service users, business methods, corporate plans, finances, business opportunities & development projects, trade secrets including designs or inventions belonging to the company, all or any information to the marketing
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They would need to be client led-always giving the person you are looking after his/her own choice/decision over what he/she would like done for them. After all they are the employers really. So showing respect at all times coupled with privacy and dignity when bathing or assisting them in toilet routines. Knocking on doors and waiting before entering a room is a basic must. But the ideal carer is one who gets pleasure out of being helpful rather than regarding his/her role as just a mere

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