Discrimination Model Paper

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This model is also flexible enough in which it can be used in different counseling settings. A research study conducted by Luke, Ellis, and Bernard (2011), compared the effectiveness in the use of the discrimination model of supervision in a clinical and school setting. The researchers found that unlike clinical supervisors, supervisors in the school setting only focused in on one of the three dimensions of the discrimination model. It was further found that this was due to the culture of the environment. This had a direct impact on the quality of supervision provided for the supervisee. It was concluded that counselors will thoroughly follow the model depending on the culture of the population they are working with. Other settings in which this model has been used include inpatient treatment (Byrne & Sias, 2010).
Multiculturalism regarding ethnic culture is an important part of counseling. The importance of multiculturalism will only increase with time (Fong,
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While this is good, I feel that if the model could have some approach tailored to transitioning to another model. This would particularly become helpful when a counselor feels that they would like to adapt a more specific model of supervision.
Second, I would say that although this model is flexible, it is simple enough to where both supervisee and supervisor can understand, it is very direct to the extent in which it may lack the opportunity in which a supervisee can be challenged in a variety of ways. In other words, the simplicity of the model may inhibit challenge. To avoid this, I would incorporate different techniques that could help facilitate different ways in which to view a situation while promoting further exploration. Such techniques include incorporating visual interventions, physical activities such as writing, and using a sand tray (Koltz,

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