Discrimination in the Labor Market

Topics: Employment, Minimum wage, Wage Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Discrimination in the labor market

Discrimination on the grounds that you belong to another sex is a problem that many have wondered about for a long time. All these questions about equal pay has interested the media but also in politics. Any issue of wage discrimination have created incredible questions and protests against this, but even if it has advanced in Sweden with wages and equality as women still earn lower wages. Today it is said that women earn on average about 17 percent less than men's wages, and the difference has been the same for those past 20 years.

In this paper, I will tell you some problems that I fancy most important of wage discrimination, but also how I feel about this and how I think they can prevent this. I will also tell you a lot about ethnic discrimination in the market and no problems.

Causes and reasons why women earn less than men.

There are many reasons why women earn less than men, but one reason that comes from many liberals and conservatisms may be that there are too few employers in female-dominated fields. The economy would be that there is only one owner of a certain kind of labor, which means that you hold down the wages of the resistance of the workforce will be smaller. A possible solution would be to make it private or less.

A common problem that I'm sure many think is statistical discrimination in the labor market. Thus, the employer does not have all the information about the candidates or employees which makes him or her take general conclusions. When to hire someone so it takes probably a father before a mother to know that mothers are more commonly absent from work. They charge about 75% of their parental leave and when they will care for their children.

This method is obviously the wrong but I can understand the person who employs you do not want to risk his business when someone is absent and thus miss many passes or does not provide jobs for absences. But it is also the fault of the person to...
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