Discrimination in Schools against African-American Students

Topics: African American, Black people, Education Pages: 3 (668 words) Published: April 16, 2013


.Only 12% of black boys are on grade level, author says
*black boys are struggling academically. African American children are on 17% of the total school population in America, yet they represent 41% of students in special education, of which 80% are black males. Black students are only 6% of gifted classes.

*83% of elementary school teachers in America are white females.

*The prevailing wisdom in education today states that unless a student comes from a middle-to-upper-income two-parent home, he will fail in school.

*The Kunjufu Learning styles model: 3 basic categories of learners
1.Visual learners
a.visual print
b.visual pictures
2.Oral/Auditory learners
3.Tactile/Kinesthetic learners

*Kinjufu estimates that as many as two thirds of students and an even larger percentage of African American males are visual picture, oral/auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic learners (right brain), However, most of the learning activities are oriented toward visual print learners (left brain)

* African AMerican male students are in a state of academic emergency because generally, teachers have not adjusted their pedagogy to meet their learning needs.

*Are schools preparing Black boys...for prison?
*Are these incidents, in which young Black boys are treated like common criminals in America's schools subconsciously, preparing them instead for life behind bars in the criminal justice system?

*"The school system has been transformed into nothing more than a Prison preparation industry"

*Black male students are punished more severely for similar infractions than their white peers. "they are not given the same opportunities to participate in classes with enriched educational offerings. They are more frequently inappropriately removed from the general education classroom due to misclassifications by the special education policies and practices of schools and districts.

*Black boys make up less than...
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