Discrimination in Housing in 1950's

Topics: Urban area, City, Federal government of the United States Pages: 8 (2812 words) Published: April 15, 2012
“Minorities experienced racism in suburbia in the 1950’s.”(Kruse) Through the postwar, government started developing on highways, housing, and others so on. FHA (Federal Housing Administration) started to build big, nice houses in outside of the city area. Which is now called “Suburbia”. The main idea of suburbia was having bigger house without lots of money, better social community and nice neighborhood.“Better housing and jobs, cheap consumer credit, safe and healthy neighborhoods, and good public services and schools.”(Kruse) This idea boomed and Suburbia became popular and got rushed by people. For selling more houses and to make profits their business with big companies, FHA made loaning program. Thru people could be able to buy a house without having money. But meanwhile, FHA had discrimination. They only loan the money to the white. “Federal government denied most racial minorities access not only to suburbia but also to the many benefits of homeownership. Their goal was to make exclusivity for white. Almost exclusively for white people.”(Kruse) They did not sell the houses to any other minorities even some of them had enough money to buy. To build highways, and houses, in somewhere had to be destroyed for developments. Of course the targets were places where minorities were living in. While suburbia and outside of city were getting developed, the urban area was quickly getting decayed. All minorities were stuck and living in dirty poverty in city. Since that was the government’s act, minorities did not have really anything to do. All they did was protesting, but nothing really influenced changing. But somehow, federal governments felt guilty and removed the discrimination act officially, but there was still segregation going on in individual person’s inside. By the fact, federal governments decided to rebuild urban area. And minorities were able to live in much better conditions.

Suburbia mostly started to develop in 1950’s. After world war2, a lot of immigrants kept coming to America and cities were getting packed. People wanted to have better life, better society, and better community. People were sick and tired of city living. A lot of dirty areas in everywhere, small living condition, high taxes crowded by cars, people and danger living. “People were seeking to remove themselves from the heavy concentration of new immigrant population in the central cities.”(Palen) People wanted to get out of the city but not too far away, not to the farms, countryside. Therefore government started to consider and develop some places for them. Suburbia was created to solve this problem, and to satisfy people with their Living. “It processes something both of the countryside and of the city” (Edwards). For an example, Levitt town was created by Abraham Levitt. Federal government and big businesses cooperated each other to built this big project. Federal government spend a lot of efforts and money as you see “The modern American suburb is heavily indebted to the federal government. For decades writers have chronicled this debt, documenting how state policy fueled the rapid suburban growth that has so decisively shaped U.S. politics and culture since world war2. Federal Spending priorities, mortgage programs, tax incentives, urban renewal, and a host of other public initiatives fundamentally reshaped the metropolis.”(Kruse) The first new suburbia in United State was Levittown . It is located in Long island, New York. “Levittown gets its name from its builder, the firm of Levitt & Sons, Inc., which built it as a planned community between 1947 and 1951. Levittown was the first truly mass-produced suburb and is widely regarded as the archetype for postwar suburbs throughout the country. Levitt and Sons built the community with an eye towards speed, efficiency and cost-effective construction, which methods led to a production rate of 30 houses a day by...
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