Discrimination: Health Care and Care Workers

Topics: Health care, Working class, Healthcare Pages: 7 (2428 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Unit 2 – P2, P3 & M1

Discrimination is a form of deliberate separation. It means separating an individual due to their race and religion and segregating them from a norm in society and treating them differently. There any many forms of discrimination such as:

Social class
Class is a group made into 8 sections by the government to organise people’s occupation and their income starting from the lowest to the highest e.g. people who are not working and are claiming welfare benefits are classed as the ‘under class’ where as someone who is a doctor and has a higher income is classed as someone in the ‘upper class’ Class is also dependent on where individuals live. Social class segregates people in society as they are not seen as equal, the former security state for health had said people who are poor are most likely to get cancer than the rich – this statement is clearly showing that people who are in the middle class can afford private treatment and are able to live fit healthy lives and are immune to diseases whereas the working class people use free health care service and rely on free treatment in order for them to get better and are more prone to cancer because of this. Culture

Culture is a way of living, it identifies individuals as they develop and adapt in the social group they are raised in during the key parts of their lives. Culture can also be one of the ways that separate individuals from each other as not everyone is brought up in the same way as other people e.g. Pakistani’s are brought up differently to people who live in the British culture as they have traditional dress wear, shalwar kameez. In a health and social care environment, respecting other cultures that come to use the service shows that workers have a clear understanding of the different cultures in the world and are able to support them and not consider them different as this could portray them as not respecting other cultures and being close minded. Sexuality

Sexuality is part of an individual’s personality and should not be confused their sex. Sexuality is how an individual’s choose to behave in society in which they believe they feel comfortable in. Sexuality can also determine what opposite of sex an individual is attracted to e.g. if they are: bisexual, heterosexual and homosexual (gay/lesbian). Discriminating an individual due to their sexuality is against the law as it can lead to people believing they do not fit into society and often seek help. Gender

The act Gender Equality Duty 2007 stops people being discriminated due to their gender. All services given to different genders should be equal and within employees at a work place, discriminating different genders can have an effect on the rights people have and their equal rights of access.

Infringement of rights
Individuals do not have the rights that they are entitled to. People have the right to freedom of speech and have certain rights in order to tackle any inequality in the environment they are in. Infringement of rights is not respecting other people’s rights in society and not letting them practice their culture, this can lead to individuals in society feel as if they are not accepting and feel devalued which can affect their health. Abuse of power

Individuals have the right to empowerment where they are able to control their own lives and make their own decisions depending on the situation they are in e.g. a doctor is unable to force his patients to an operation but however, he can tell them advice on the benefits of the operation. The General Social Care Council, Code of Practise for Social Care Workers (2002) is an act which requires all individuals to work respectively and make the individual make their own decisions as care workers cannot control individual’s lives. Prejudice

Prejudice is a judgment made before hand and either is positive or negative towards a person or a group. If a prejudice comment is made, it is done by beliefs and not true facts, making...
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