Discrimination and Families Young Children

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The early year’s sector in the UK at the present time is complicated. Unlike many of the European Country it was not activated by government policy for a specific aim but instead came about through an ad in response to family requirement based on the changing social economical circumstances. For example in the Second World War women were used in great numbers to replace the men in the workforce as they went to war. And so they set up nurseries for the children to the mothers who were out working in the factories of offices etc.

However when the men came home because the war had ended and they wanted their jobs back, the nurseries where then closed. Then in the second half of the twentieth century, public expenditure on early year’s provision focused on families who presented social needs and difficulties. The local authority day nurseries which were called later called family centres and nursery schools mainly catered for children at risk of harm, these were mostly in urban and deprived areas. There were early year’s provisions available in the private sector in the form of nannies and a few private nurseries. They were then regulated by the1948 Nurseries and Childminders Act and then followed and followed by the Child Act of 1989 and then the Care Standards Act of 2000.

During 1960 the playgroup movement developed where parents decided to set up their own provision for their children to learn through play in village and church halls and community services.

Requirements for families’ young children varied:

* Some parents needed their children to be in setting where they will be safe and able be safe and take part in play and learning experience for all or part of the day while the parents worked or studied.

* Some parents wanted to stay with their children while they socialised.

* Some parents wanted their children to spend time in a setting which offered services directly aimed at young children learning.

* Some parents wanted the children to be in smaller and more of a home-based type group.

* Some families cannot afford to pay fees for services.

the needs of babies and young children and their families needs in various ways. The table below show the type of services provided.

Type of provision| Timing| Age of range| Venue| Charges to parents| Run by| Nurseries| Full or part time| Birth to school age| Own premises| Yes; some free hours for 3-and 4-years-olds| Private business| Childminders| Full or part time| Birth to school age| Childminder’s home| Yes| Self –employed| Pre-schools(playgroups)| Part time| 2 and a half years| Community facilities| Free for 3 – and 4 years-olds| Committee of parents| Nursery classes| Part time| 2 and a half years| State run or private schools| Free for 3- and 4-years-olds| Local authority or private business| Reception classes| Schools hours| 4 and 5 years olds| State run private schools| Free| Local authority or private business| Crèches| Part time| Birth to school age| Educational or employer’s premises| Maybe| E.g. college workplace| Parents and toddler groups| Part time| Birth to 2 or 3 years| Local community facilities| Yes (minimal)| Parents or local voluntary group|

Understanding current policies, frameworks and influences

In spite of a long time of non political care, the early year’s sector has in the last 10 to 15 years come on their radar, as the result to political responses the economical and social developments. Some of these types of development are described below.

Growing demand

The request for childcare been has increasing gradually since the 1990s, due to the fact the number of mother who have young children under the age of 5 years employed outside the home has risen to around 60 per...
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