Discrimination and Equality

Topics: Discrimination, Policy, Affirmative action Pages: 11 (3273 words) Published: August 20, 2014
In today’s world companies fully understand the value of equality and diversity in driving them forward. Equality of opportunities helps in creation of a fair work place where everyone can take part and has the opportunity to achieve their full potential, while diversity is realizing and valuing all differences in wider aspect. It is accepted that no company can reach it’s highest performance without realizing importance of equality of opportunities and diversity.

University of Salford Manchester is a well-known and reputes educational institution of United Kingdom. Initially its named as Royal Technical Institute Salford which was opened in 1896 and was named University of Salford in 1967. Today the university has a successful global presence and a turn over of £189 m. It has four colleges, 9 schools, 20,000 students and 2500 staff members. University has ambitious plans to redevelop the existing campus over next 20 years. To explain the concept of Equality and Diversity, University of Salford will be used as an ideal practical example as it is full devoted to it’s cause of promoting equality of opportunities and diversity at the organization. It gives admissions to student from all over the world and stone wall index has placed it on 21st place in the list of best employers. So it has a very diverse community to deal within the sector of both employment and education. (University of Salford; 2013). EVALUATE THE ORGANISATIONAL COMMITMENT TO EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY AND DIVERSITY:-

According to Talloo (2007)
“Implementation of equality and diversity within the workplace and in the provision of service demands dedicated commitments at senior levels within the organization and clear lines of responsibility”.

University of Salford Manchester is a very well known and reputed university of UK which is fully committed to its policy based on values, promotion of equality of opportunities and diversity. It strictly avoids any kind of discrimination at all levels. It completely follows the rules identified within the Equality Act 2010 and is fully determined to fair dealing irrespect of age, disability, gender, marriage, civil partnership, race, religion, pregnancy, sex and sexual orientation etc. University of Salford also recognize the complexity of issue related to equality of opportunities and possible disadvantages which could occur due to multiple factor such as cultural and economic background, physical conditions, social surroundings etc. All of these reasons could limit anyone’s opportunity to access education and employment but University of Salford acknowledge that experience, insight and understanding which people from various back grounds bring to teaching, engagement and research work is necessary for the success of institution. Richness of experience and size of perception increases their ability to identify problems and then solving them in a great way. All staff members and students both have rights and duties to promote equality. In addition Equality Act 2010, the University of Salford is also committed to follow codes of Practice issued by the Equality & Human Rights Commission (EHRC), Government Equalities Officer (GEO), and Equality Challenge Unit (ECU). They have an independent mediation service with qualified Mediators, achieve staff networks, equality and diversity co-ordinates and trained bullying and Harassment advisors. University of Salford is committed to its staff welfare and is also determined to enable its staff in gaining their full potential by providing a workplace environment fitted with dignity and respect. The university says “ We are putting a lot of effort into completing Equality Analysis for all our policies, making continual review part of normal working, rather than an occasional compliance requirement”.

Their new Equality and Diversity strategy sets out the strategic framework on Equality and Diversity till 2007. The University of Salford is committed to...
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