Topics: Discrimination, Homophobia, Sexism Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: August 27, 2013
44 Dainty Tamargo
World of Discrimination
In the modern days, discrimination and racism is very prominent. A lot of people are discriminated and are victims of racism. Do we really knowwhat discrimination is? What its effects and causes are? Most importantly, what can we do to stop such a thing.

According to the New Lexicon’s Dictionary, discrimination is the making of unfair judgements, wrong treatments and abuse of service. It is also said by Timo Makkonen that discrimination is a threat to democracy. According to Makkonen, there are many types of discrimination. One of these is the different concepts of equality and discrimination. Amother is m,ultiple discrimination such as making fun of a gay black man.

According to a research found in the internet said that there are different ways to discriminate people per age group.
Children are discriminated in many ways. One of which is people telling them that they are immature and incapable. Another is pressurizing a child to victim blame. The last one is the Lolita syndrome in which children are blamed for their own sexual abuse.

Adults too are discriminated. One way of discriminating adults is insulting the race they are from.Another is discriminating them for employment purposes.
Lastly, another victim of discrimination are the elders. Elders are discriminated because of their old age. This is also the reason why elders mostly have problems with their work because ther get fired so that they can be replaced with someone younger.

There are causes and effects if you discriminate people. According to Makkonen, one cause would be because of prejudice. Prejudice is forming of unfair opinions. Stereotyping is also one in which there is a standarized mental picture that is shared by the whole group. Another is sexism in which people base social roles accoding to gender. In relation to gender based discrimination, homophobia can also be considered as discrimination. Homophonia is to fear lesbians and...
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