Topics: Discrimination, Employment, Gender Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Existence of Discrimination : From the U.S to Vietnam
In the article “Change of Heart”, which appeared in the March, 2005 Reader’s Digest, Mary A. Fisher tells the reason she changes her attitude forward minority of immigrants after she had been deeply racist against people who are immigrants and are not whites. In 1989, she bought a house in an interethnic neighborhood in Los Angeles in which there were many people from Mexico, El Salvador, the Philippines and Vietnam because it was affordable despite the fact that she did not think that she could live in harmony with them. She was annoyed by their language and habit, reduced her communication with them as little as possible, complained to the authorities about the loud music of Mexico neighbor and the crow of the rooster of the El Salvador neighbor in an effort to keep quiet to the neighborhood according to her opinion. Then she lost her well-paid job, and her relationship with the man she loved ended. Sinking in deep sorrow, she felt frustrated, lonely and vulnerable. In this empty period of her life, she began to examine her neighbor’s circumstances and successes. She recognized that she was not see them as individuals and always had unfair prejudiced opinions about them. When she commenced to esteem and appreciate them, she got the neighborliness that made her feel very comfortable and peaceful. In her article “Change of Heart”, Ms Fisher discovers how all the people, living around her, were hard working, honorable people who were just looking to live well and experience some measure of happiness. Actually, all of us, no matter whose religion or race or gender are, have equal value. In Vietnam, there still exist many cases of gender prejudice in workplace, especially to female employees. They were discriminated in recruiting and hiring, and forced to agree with unfair conditions in labor contract. For instance, in a local news report, a woman who worked in a producing electronic equipment company was...
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