Discovering Yourself

Topics: Learning, Procrastination, Time management / Pages: 6 (1324 words) / Published: Aug 27th, 2011

This topic is very interesting with the Discovery wheel, learning styles, and balancing learning styles. My favorite assignment was the discovery wheel, this exercise shows me that I need to balance the skills that I have and some real weaknesses that I did not know that I had. Discovery is a way to find your TRUE strengths and weaknesses and how balance them. Discovery, commitment, and Mastery should be in every student vocabulary and should be something worked on daily.

In my opinion, discovering yourself topic is perfect to be chapter 1 because you can start discovering yourself and improving your skills through out the course as well as your time as a student so that when you graduate and are working in your career chose you could be a more balanced and well-rounded person. The chapter showed me that I could change my learning style or habits to promote success by being able to learn from any instructor. I also learned that change is good and committing to change is great. Staying focus on my goals ahead, and start working on small changes first and then looking at the big picture.

I will practice the skills that I have learned in this chapter daily to my educational career, workplace, and social settings to grow as a person. In school, I will use a full range of learning Modes to excel in my classes and develop variety of strategies to be able to learn from a wide range of teaching styles. In my workplace, I can use what I learned to look at the bigger picture through being more creative and having a willingness to take risk. I also discovered a need to focus on my time-management and getting more organized. Time Management was something I thought I only needed a little bit of work on, but I see through the discovery wheel I needed alto of focus and change on this skill. Discovering yourself chapter is a good revelation and was a great way for me to see my weaknesses on a larger scale.

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