Discourse Community and Language Choice: Study of language choice in a gay community in particular area in Malang, Indonesia.

Topics: Case study, Homosexuality, Linguistics Pages: 9 (2643 words) Published: September 30, 2013
Discourse Community and Language Choice:
Study of language choice in a gay community in particular area in Malang.

Hima Luluk Il Jannah
English Language and Letters Department, Faculty of Humanities and Culture, Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University, Malang, Indonesia terumbukayu@gmail.com
June 2013

Language choice in gay community that has many unique kind of language.

Gay , gay

1. Background of Study

Nowadays, there are many varieties of community that have grown and expanded in the society. This diverse community has evolved over time. Every community has a particular variety of language and gesture that only known by members of community. They created a language symbols or even new language with a specific purpose. The researcher focuses the linguistics research in Gay’s community. People cannot deny those who are enthusiasts of the same sexuality indeed still exists and thrive in the society. Gay is kind of minor community in society but it starts to develop around people. According to Valocchi and others (1999), middle-class representation of gays is partly due to the historic, economic, and social forces that facilitated the development of a middle-class gay movement and partly due to the contemporary gay lifestyle choices that require the residency, employment, and consumption patterns of the middle class. Most importantly, as both Shugart and Valocchi suggest, this middle-class trait of gay life is likely to be an artifact of those who are homosexually active and who are open or are known by others to be homosexually active. Statements above concluded that the developing of gay community is increase significantly. Bowman (2004) also stated that although there appears to be an increasing acceptance of gays in general across the country, the levels of acceptance of gays are consistently higher in urban and suburban areas and among those with higher education or income. From here we can see that the gay community has grown widely especially in the Malang city. Therefore, the researcher fully understands that the need to learn the language use in gay community by conducting a detailed study on this case. In this journal the researcher wants to explore the links between a group of particular community and its language choices through the Gay Community especially in Malang city

The term discourse community identifies as grouping of people who share common language norms, characteristics, patterns, or practices as a consequence of their ongoing communications and identification with each other. With respect to writing, the term has been used to point out that different academic collectives write in characteristic registers and genres, according to Bazerman (1978). Moreover, Swales (1990) provides discourse communities as a set of characteristics for identifying a group of people as members as particular community. Generally, the group must have some set of shared common goals, some different mechanisms for communication or even some other way of providing the exchange of information between its members. They may also have a linguistic repertoire that is defined as the totality of linguistic varieties used in different social contexts by a particular community of speakers. It refers to the set of distinguishable code varieties from which the speakers of certain speech community can choose to be used, in certain social context of speaking. They drew on it for their language interaction. These theories might used by The researcher to discover what kind of language used by the community of gay in this particular area of Malang City.

Discourse community cannot be separated from speech community. Because discourse community intense to apply spoken and written discourse which is discussed in speech community. A speech community generally refers to any group of people that speak the same language. They prefer to use the term speech community in a narrower sense to refer...

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