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Topics: Baseball, Left-handedness, Baseball positions Pages: 4 (1378 words) Published: December 3, 2013

Men May Have Invented Softball, but Women Perfected it
In ENGL 1301, these past two weeks have given me a better understanding of ethos, logos and pathos appeals. Being in a discourse community has made me put these appeals into perspective. Understanding that being in that community made me a stronger woman. This will give me a chance to show you, my professor and classmates that softball is indeed a sport. I will prove why I attended this discourse community in softball at a young age to now by explaining the mental state of understanding the rules, the physical mechanisms, and the emotional connection it has on my authority, team and myself. Having good comprehension skills helps understanding the rules very easy. I was first introduced to softball at the age of seven. My initial step in playing softball was to learn the rules and imply them to the game. As a seven year old, I was introduced to some of the most important rules. A rule of safety I was told was a batter is not allowed to throw her bat after she hits the ball because it will be called an out. Throwing the bat is illegal because it can injure someone. When batting, the batter is allowed three strikes for a strikeout and four balls as a walk. If a batter gets hit by a pitch when the pitcher pitches it, she gets to go straight to first base. If the ball is hit outside of the white chalk, it is a foul. If the batter has two strikes and she decides to bunt the third strike and it goes foul, she will get called out. When sprinting to first base, if I round the base like I’m about to go to second base but don’t, and the first baseman has the ball, she can tag me out. Runners may overrun first base only, all other bases the runner may be tagged and called out if they are off the base. Runners cannot lead off a base; they must be on the base until the ball is released from the pitcher’s hand. After a fly ball has been caught the base runner must tag the occupied base before advancing...
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