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"Consent for Treatment" Please respond to the following:
* Ms. Davis, a patient at XYZ facility, had a difficult time sleeping and was given something to put her sleep at approximately 3:00 a.m. A form was given to Ms. Davis to sign for surgery while going in and out of sleep at approximately 7:00 a.m. following the sleep medication. Was this an express consent or implied consent? Explain your answer. As the head administrator of the facility, discuss what concerns you have and what would you do with the person who presented Ms. Davis with the consent.  * A minor with a gunshot wound was rushed to the emergency room. The parents had not arrived yet. After rushing the minor to surgery, the medical team realized consent for surgery had not been signed. Explain what kind of consent should be obtained. Speculate on how often this kind of consent is applied and discuss your thoughts. According to our lectures in week 6, lecture 1, an express consent is done in words, written or oral. An implied consent is apparent by the actions that demonstrate the patient has agreed to the treatment. Either way both types of consent require the person to know all the facts about their treatment. This would include what they were being treated for, what types of procedures they are doing or would like to do and the risks and benefits for the treatment. They must be completely aware of what they are consenting to. In the above situation I would say that the type of consent they are seeking is the implied consent because they are trying to get the patient to sign a consent form for surgery. However she is, in my opinion not able to comprehend the facts of what she is consenting to because she is dosing off and on because of a sleeping aid she was given. She is under the influence of a medication that can have an affect of not also the obvious, sleepiness, but not really being able to comprehend their surroundings. People have a different reaction to medication therefore...
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