Discipline in High school

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Discipline can be a challenge at any level weather it is elementary school or high school. Teachers and administrators are faced with many challenges. Included in this summery is an interview with the Merkel Elementary Principle as well as the Merkel high school principle. These two principles share some of their insight into special education and the disciple challenges they face.

1.Mrs. Woolard- Young students can get distracted easily and there is always the possibility of the class being disrupted. Mr. Allen- One issue we have in the high school is how to handle a disruptive student who can become a potential danger to him or herself as well as the teachers and students in school. This does not happen very often but it is something we have to be aware of . 2.Mrs. Woolard-Many times it is simply getting students to participate in the lesson. Mr. Allen-For those that have a behavior problems you never know when they will have an outburst and disrupt the whole class. 3.Mrs. Woolard- When a student violates the rules at school teachers and administrators will consider each violation and determine the best action to take. Mr. Allen-Unless the behavior that caused the discipline problem is the directly related to the child's disability, the student will receive the same discipline that a regular education student would receive. 4.Mrs. Woolard-No not at the elementary level.

Mr. Allen-Not to my knowledge, I think that the regular education students probably think that the special education students get special treatment because of being out of class so much. 5.Mrs. Woolard- Yes, we explain the discipline procedures to our parents in the IEP meetings Mr. Allen-Yes, When the students are behavioral the discipline is discussed at their IEP meeting. Their BIP is discussed. 6.Mrs. Woolard- If there is a student with behavior problems many times the regular education students parents do not like this because it takes the teacher away from...

References: Osborne Jr. A. G & Russo, C. J.(2007). Special Education and the Law. Thousand Oaks Ca:
Crowin Press.
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