Discipline And Management

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These four amigos go hand and hand with each other within the classroom. Within the rims of the classroom management, a teacher must have discipline and management in order to have good behavior or his/her classroom will have misbehavior, which leads to no control over their classroom. Definition

Discipline is having control and order of your actions. Within the classroom, discipline is taken out of context. It can take on the meaning of having a plot, concept, strategy or even a path. Discipline is not a sentence to be used toward students, but it is a pathway for students to learn to control their actions. Discipline should not be a bearing on apprehension or being fearful of authority, but a learning process.

Management is the process of maintaining the classroom environment to run effectively. Management is set forth to place rules in effect and to sustain restrictions over the classroom. The lack of management can be overwhelming, but if rules are followed then more learning will take place and less time for students to find mischievous deeds.

Behavior is the manner in which a person conducts him/herself. Dealing with the behavior of a student can be challenging and stressful. It takes skills to learn how to control behavior, whether it being you as the teacher or a student. It is essential that you are successful in controlling behavior, because it is your classroom and you have to learn to control it.

Misbehavior is described as unsuitable and disorderly conduct. Misbehavior, in the classroom, can be disturbing for the teacher and an interruption for the student, but a classroom that is well directed can prevent misbehavior by providing dependability, anticipation, and reliable standard. This will ensure students a better learning environment and standards they can take with them beyond their school years.

The word management should be observed as the restraint, but discipline is seen as the action taken when restraint is unsuccessful. Management, in term, relies on the way the classroom is handled. It focuses on how the teacher put into play procedures to maintain structure and to help the class maintain a sense of balance. When management of the classroom is made clear to students, exercised by students and required by teacher, teachers will find better learning in a control environment. When looking at discipline, it is a process that is introduced by the student, but the teacher has to respond suitably for the student. Discipline comes into place by dealing with the student instincts. Management is a process that provides direction while discipline is a device that educates and helps the student learn how to conduct them.

Behavior can be how a person responds to certain situations, while misbehavior refers to the improper, disturbing and aggressive behavior to a certain incident. An individual often exhibits behavior or misbehavior to fit in or to be acknowledged. It is a person choice to behave or misbehave, but it is constructed upon ostensive anticipation, the circumstances and the response to previous misconduct.

Behavior, misbehavior, management and discipline go hand in hand when it comes to an effective classroom. You cannot have one without the other. Behavior and misbehavior is a process teacher will have to endure because there will always be one student that behaves and one that misbehave, but we have to find ways to control these acts of conduct to find the best in each student. In order for teachers to manage their classrooms, there has to be discipline. A corrupt classroom is not an atmosphere for learning. When rule and standards are not set at the beginning

In order for teachers to manage their classroom, there has to be discipline. A corrupt classroom is not an atmosphere for learning. When rules and standards are not set at the beginning, students will find ways to disrupt class and the learning process. Teachers should make rules and mean way you say and say what you mean....
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