Discipline and Guidance

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Discipline is by no means punishment. It should be viewed as a learning/and or teaching experience. Understanding that all children learn at different developmental stages is detrimental in determining whether this is mistaken behavior or challenging behavior. Remembering that physical force and negative verbal feedback should not be used in the discipline process and could to lead harsher consequences for you. In understanding the use of proper guidance and discipline techniques in and out of the classroom, one must be aware of the developmental stages of children. All children begin at birth to develop certain patterns of behavior that they will carry on throughout their lives. Proper guidance and discipline will help the children to think and behave in appropriate and positive ways. When guidance and discipline are properly executed, the children will establish the proper skills to maintain appropriate behavior. A good understanding of children and guidance techniques is the basis for effective discipline. (NCAA – Guidance and Discipline 1995.) There is not a right way or perfect way to discipline. Every situation is different and calls for different measures to be taken, as well as children’s responses to the methods they use. It will also vary depending on the child’s developmental stage. It is also not clear what, if anything, the children learn when they are disciplined. So as we learn to focus on the behavior and not the child (ren), the outcome will be more beneficial for all involved. The misbehavior of a child is impossible to prevent completely. Having placed unrealistic expectations on the children will set them up for failure and unneeded mistaken behavior. Discipline is the foundation of success. We all have our own interpretation of what discipline is to us. According to the New Oxford American Dictionary (2005), discipline is “the practice of training...

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