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The Code of Conduct

Apart from developing an intellectual curiosity among its students, Trident aims at enriching character of all its members in order to equip them encounter all the challenges on and off the campus.Therfore, all the students shall conform to a high standard of discipline and conduct within the campus in a manner Parallel to that of the students of institutions of National repute. He must inculcate in him/her the seriousness of career objective and shall, in every way, train himself/herself to lead a life, quintessential to the next door. a. Trident seeks to instill, co-operation, honesty, integrity and sense of responsibility among the students inside the Institute as well as outside. b. Any student, evidently proven guilty of being engaged violence, riots, fraud, misappropriation of funds or misconduct with a fellow student, faculty or staff of Trident, will be seriously dealt with and will be subject to immediate expulsion from the Institute. c. chewing of betel leaves and use of tobacco & alcohol etc, are considered as offence, hence strictly prohibited within the Institute premise. d. Use of mobile phones in the academic Zones of the Institute is banned. e. The faculty members as well as the employees of the Institute must respected by the students. f. The Institute maintains absolute discipline and students violating this are liable for severe penalty including expulsion. Students expelled on grounds of indiscipline will not be entitled to any certification or refund of fees and deposits. g.Trident never tolerates ragging in any form. Any student found guilty of this will be severely punished. It may lead to immediate dismissal of the concerned student from the Institute/Hostel. Consequent upon, the matter will be referred to the police, as ragging has been declared as a serious criminal offence by the Government. h. Any student found responsible for any damage to the Institute fittings, furniture and equipment will be...
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