Disciplinary Procedure and Its Effects on Employees

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The research focused on disciplinary procedures and its effect on employee’s performance.

As we all know that discipline is the major factor to be considered in every human being and in every aspect of life, and so are disciplinary procedures are regarded as a critical tool for management to succeed. Many people associate disciplinary procedures with negative feedback. If implemented properly, these procedures will positively affect the relationship between a manager and their employees. Employees embrace accountability and it actually improves employee job satisfaction. Correcting employee performance issues is a procedure. Effective interpersonal communication, written communication and the management skills list must be utilized to assist the employees. Poorly implemented procedures may negatively impact work place performance. The following must be present for employees:-

I. Clear expectation must be established before disciplinary procedures can be implemented; the employees have to know exactly what is expected of them. (Job description outlining is expected).

II. Process, good employees will not perceive corrective procedures negatively if there is a clear process. Managers must implement a process that addresses issues before they create a problem.

III. Consistency, managers must be committed to put forth the time and effort required to properly implement the procedures. Employee issues must be addressed consistently to be successful.

IV. Follow up / feedback, disciplinary procedures must provide employees feedback on their progress when asked to correct and issue managers need to address and follow up on.


In this research study it is noted that various organizations have their own codes of conduct and ethics intended to establish standards of ethical conduct of employees and to be applied consistently with the organizational requirements.

The research study reveals that despite all the measures which had been taken and implementing of the disciplinary procedures to correct unacceptable behaviors, regulate standards of conduct, incapacity and to adopt a progressive approach in the work place it was found that there is little or no effect on employee’s performance. Most of the employees tend to concentrate on their own personal interest in one way or the other. Some were in very deep thoughts and worries of fears for being not sure of their future of tomorrow! Some were worried about expenses of life, ie bus fares for coming to work the following day, worried about personal financial problems as they lack motivations from their employer.


I. The purpose of the study was to find out the effects of various disciplinary actions on employee and their effects on performance.

II. To evaluate the disciplinary procedures and its effect on employees performance.

III. The study will also feature the process and requirements for the right employees to be discipline.


I. To enhance employee’s independence to enable the organization carries out its key functions effectively.

II. To determine the relationship between the disciplinary procedures and employees performance.

III. To establish the indicators of employees performance.


I. What are the different procedures used to discipline workers in organization?

II. What are indicators of employee’s performance?

III. What is the relationship between the disciplinary procedures and employees performance.


I. Lack of cooperation

The researcher assumes that not all the employees would be willing to co – operate well and disclose the correct relevant information.

II. Favorable climate

The researcher assumes that there would be good atmosphere and weather condition that would allow her / him...
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