Disciplinary Action

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3.6 Discipline Policy

To ensure that all people who make the same mistakes or commit the same violations of policy are treated with consistency. .
All employees are covered under this policy.
The Head of HR Policy, is responsible for implementing the discipline policy and ensuring adherence to A.K.KHAN & CO. LTD. principles and philosophy.
The HUMAN CAPITAL Integrity Policy
* Every employee is required to make a personal commitment to comply with the Company’s Code of Conduct. * Obey the applicable law / regulations governing our business conduct worldwide. * Be honest, fair and trustworthy in all activities and relationships. * Avoid all conflicts of interest between work and personal affairs. * Foster an environment in which equal opportunity extends to every member of the A.K.KHAN & CO. LTD. community. * Strive to create a safe workplace and to protect the environment. * Through leadership at all levels, sustain a culture where ethical conduct is recognized, valued and exemplified by all employees.

Employee Conduct – Discipline
I.The employee shall serve the Company honestly, faithfully and diligently, always act in the best interest of the Company, abide strictly by the rules and regulations in force from time to time, maintain good conduct and discipline and generally conduct himself / herself in line with the Integrity policy.

II.Misconduct: Acts of Misconduct that are breaches of discipline are given below. This is an indicative list and should not be treated exhaustive. * Smoking in ‘No Smoking’ zones.
* Theft, fraud or dishonesty in connection with the Company. * Taking or giving of bribes or an illegal gratification whatsoever in connection with the Company or in the employee’s own interest. * Willful insubordination or disobedience of any reasonable order of a superior. * Drunkenness, fighting or riotous, disorderly or indecent behavior while on duty or at the place of work. * Habitual neglect of work.

* Use of indecent language.
* Use of indecent gestures.
* Sleeping on duty.
* Disrespectful behavior towards fellow employees and customers/ suppliers/ business partners. * Misuse of Company property.
* Intentionally causing damage of Company property.
* Public conduct detrimental to the Company image.
* Continuous absence without permission and without satisfactory cause for more than ten days. * Giving false information regarding one’s name, age, father’s name, qualification or previous service at the time of the employment. * Leaving work without permission or sufficient reason. * Threatening, abusing or assaulting any superior or co-associate. * Disclosure to any unauthorized person of any confidential information in regard to the working or process of the Company. * Failure to adhere to the Information Security Policy of the Company.

Any breach of discipline by the employee will lead to disciplinary action.
Employees shall not under any circumstance, whether directly or indirectly, receive or accept for benefit - any commission, rebate, discount, gratification or profit from any person or Organization having business transactions or competition or clash of interest with the Company unless authorised to do so by the MD/Chairman. Restricted access to certain floors and Departments

For the sake of preservation of confidentiality, all employees of one Department is expected to keep their visits to other Departments and specially to the management floor ( the 17th and 19th floor ) on a “need to only” basis, and should visit after taking permission of entry from the person he/she wants to meet. Needless waiting or loitering is strongly discouraged.

Dress Code
The dress code...
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