Discerning Difference Between Issues and Problems

Topics: Education, Drug, Drug addiction Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: September 4, 2011
Assessment A: Distinguishing Between an Issue and a Problem "They said one hit wouldn't hurt." What problems or issues do you see with this? ☐ Mostly issues - people might have different opinions on if a single hit could hurt, much less kill you as in the commercial. ☑ It's a problem - I think most people would agree that a single use of drugs could potentially be deadly. OK, so as far as this video is concerned, our challenge is to keep kids from even trying drugs. How do we express that? I would say something like "How can we prevent adolescents from experimenting with drugs?" ☐ That is way too general.

☑ That is a bit general.
☐ That is a bit specific.
☐ That is way too specific.
Well, how do we do that? It's a broad issue and there is no single answer to solve it. ☐ We need to just try every solution we can think of. Even if they don't work, we'll make progress. ☐ We need to try to turn this problem into an issue. They are easier to handle. ☑ We need to come up with as many ways to express the problem as possible. Oh. I guess that makes sense! So, let's try – do you think we can do this now?. ☑ At lunch? No - we need to do a lot more research and thinking about this. Otherwise, we won't know if we are actually focused on a solution or not. ☐ Sure! We just need to think about where we want to go long term with our ideas, even if we don't have a specific solution in mind.

Assessment B, Part 1: Email a Friend about the Issue/Problem of Interest Email a Friend about the Issue/Problem of Interest
I believe adolecent drug abuse itself is a problem. It is pretty accepted that this is something that needs to be fixed. The issues lie in the solutions we come up with.Not everyone agrees on the solutions proposed. Some think we should have more sports to give the kids more structure away from home, and others believe we need to educate the parents so they are better prepared to teach their own children. My own opinion, the solution lies at...
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