Disc Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment

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Organizational Behavior
Gary Denny
January 23, 2006

DiSC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment

Behavior styles are the styles or persona of an individual, which will tell us about one another whether; we are dominant, cautious, or interactive. Each style is different and neither is better or worse than the other each has the ability to compliment one another. Behavioral styles are an integral part to the dynamics of a team or group and in order to have an effective team one must understand the different behavioral styles the make up each team member. There are assessments available to us assist us with analyzing the different styles and letting us know which one of the styles we are. In this paper we will show how the DiSCâ Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment viewed our individual personas, then compare, and contrast the behavioral styles of each team member and how they work together as a team. Carolyn's Behavioral Style

Judging from the result of the DiSC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment test, Carolyn's behavior style falls under The Cautious Style. To be specific she falls under the sub style known as The Assessor (Ci). They are nicknamed Assessor based on their evaluative approach to people and tasks. A person who falls under this behavioral style is motivated by his or her goal to accomplish excellence. They are quick thinkers and can deal with many inputs simultaneously. As a good thinker, Cautious Styles are inclined to explore different types of interest and behavior. They like organization and structure and want to know exactly what is expected of them and he or she will satisfy those requirements by being highly organized. The cautious styles, like to be viewed as dependable therefore they usually deliver on their promise. James's Behavioral Style

Using the DiSC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment process, James's behavior style has that he uses a more direct approach to things. The assessment puts him in the category Ds that DiSC calls "The Producer"; which is a dominance style. The producer uses a less guarded and less direct way of handling situations than the other dominance styles. People who have a dominance behavioral style are fast-paced and goal-oriented; they are concerned with the bottom line result. The motivating factor for someone with a Ds behavior style is accomplishing goals. Their ability to produce results makes them invaluable in situations that require efficiency and dependability. In business environments, dominance styles exhibit independence and competitiveness; they show good administrative and operational skills and work very well by themselves. People with a Ds behavior are good multitasking individuals; once they are comfortable with the numerous tasks they already have they look for another one to take on. Downfalls to the dominance style are their stubbornness, impatience with more slowly individuals, and their toughness. They have very little compassion for feeling attitudes and inadequacies of coworkers and subordinates.

Just like every style, dominance behavior has its good and bad but a dominant behavior style does have the ingredients for an ideal leader. They are determined to meet timelines, their focus is always on the bottom line result, and they have the ability to make alternative decisive decisions when obstacles are put in their path. Lynda's Behavioral Style

The DiSC Platinum Rule Self Assessment shows that Lynda's behavioral style is predominantly an Interactive Style with a sub style called an Impresser. A person with an Interactive Style is friendly, enthusiastic, and enjoys being around people. This style thrives on admiration, acknowledgment, and compliments. People with this behavioral style are more relationship-oriented than task-oriented. Some of the strengths that are associated with this behavioral style are enthusiasm, charm, persuasiveness, and warmth. This style has exceptional...
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