Disc Platinum Rule Assessment Paper

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Running head: DISC Platinum Rule Assessment paper

DISC Platinum Rule Assessment paper

September 15 , 2008

Management 344

University of Phoenix/Dallas


The DISC Platinum Rule Assessment give it user greater insight into his or hers behavior

styles. It does this threw a battery of questions then using the platinum rule comes up with your

possible style. Once this style is determine and reinforced by outside observers the individual

will have an understanding of how to improve their relationship with those people. The

assessment identifies strengths and weakness of your perception, behavior style and adaptability.

It also provide feedback of how to improve you behaviors weaknesses by building on the

strengths that you already posses.

Behavior style Cautious

The assessment concluded that my behavior style was a Cautious. According to the

assessment individuals with this style are analytical, persistent, systematic people who enjoy

problem solving. (Alessandra, 2003) My sub-style was The Thinker (or Cc) their motivation is the desire to be correct. (Alessandra, 2003) I have notice that in just about all of my conversations and argument there is a strong desire to be correct. I am very cautious of what I do and say because once you put words out there all the sorry in the world cannot take them back. So I was in full agreement with the assessment on that point. However, who does not desire to be correct all the time? Not anyone I can think of desire to be wrong when they have discussions. I do tend to be silent when I am not absolutely sure about a subject. Get on one a subject that I know about and I will not stop. Life is cut and dry for me, almost black and white there is some grey but very little. I like to know the facts and when things divert from the facts it basically throw a monkey wench into my gears. This assessment went on to conclude about my possible lifestyle a preference for privacy which is true. (Alessandra, 2003) I do like being alone most but not all the time. Then it stated that my interactions with people are formal and poised. (Alessandra, 2003) Which it is, I have normally always called someone sir or madam until they say calls me by my first name. I shake hand instead of hugs even if a person I really would like to hug. I found that being formal keeps me safe and respected. My sister call me militant however I would call it structured. The test also claimed that cautious styles are naturally curious thinkers, being more inclined to identify a spectrum of interests and behaviors than people of other types. (Alessandra, 2003) Which is in my case is true I have a lot of hobbies and interest in others. In my early years I wander the forest for hours watching animals and contemplating why they did what. Or I would dismantle bike, cars or tools that was broken to restore reliable operation. I have given a lot of labor hours of work away just out of curiosity. Next I will get more detailed with the strengths of cautious style.

Strengths and weaknesses of Cautious Style

Cautious styles have much strength and several weaknesses these individuals are logical

thinkers, creative problem solvers and controllers of their emotions. However, on the other hand

cautious individuals are indecisive, perfectionist and have problems communicating. Persons of

this style tend to have a reputation for acting and thinking logically. (Alessandra, 2003) This

statement is true for me I have always wanted solutions that make sense not just logically but

also commonly. Another one of the strengths of the cautious is emotion control. I control my

emotions and am clam in almost all situations. People tell me that I just bottle frustration up I do

not get upset because someone else does. I will theatrically show emotion so that co-workers can

relate or think that I am normal or not so cold. Which I am cold blooded. The...
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