Disasters to Success

Topics: World War II, Julius Caesar, Nuclear weapon Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Disasters to Success
Can success be disastrous? Everyone has a dream of having a million dollar house, Lamborghini, and an attractive spouse. To most people, that is how they define success; but will that really make them happy? Success can be very disastrous and can ruin lives. An old saying that every child has heard says “be careful what you wish for.” Every child has wished to be rich and successful but haven’t fully thought about the disasters to success. The dream of success can often be blinding which can cause them to do the wrong things to get good things in return. The glory from success can also make a person selfish and exceedingly proud. Lindsay Lohan, Albert Einstein, and Julius Caesar are all examples of fame that can end in a total disaster.

Lindsay Lohan is the best example of a star who has hit rock bottom. In her younger days, she was an actress and played in The Parent Trap which was a very popular movie. As she earned respect, many thought she would eventually mature into a fantastic actress. Little did they know, her life instantly hit a sharp turn in her early twenties. Irresponsible drinking and stealing led to charges being pressed on her. Additionally, she let the success of being a respected actress get into her brain and she didn’t care about any part of her career. Lohan is now looked at in shame for the human she has become, while previously being a child star that was full of hope. Lohan is a prime example of how success can be disastrous. Albert Einstein was a very intelligent human being. Einstein had a dream of being the smartest human to walk the earth. He grew up gaining more and more knowledge everyday which eventually made his fame rise into society. Einstein was asked to make an atomic bomb and to get a few colleagues to help him. America felt that he was the man for the job, and that they needed it to win World War II. Albert Einstein instantly refused at first due to fear that he would run into a disaster while...
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