Disasterous Date

Topics: Bathroom, Perspiration Pages: 3 (486 words) Published: September 26, 2010

Disastrous Date!

I woke up this morning to the sound of my alarm clock ringing in my ears. As a

headache was approaching, I suddenly remembered that today was a very special day.

Today I was going on a date with the man of my dreams and we would then float home

on a big, white, fluffy cloud together. But then I began to think… what if he thinks I’m a

klutz? What if he isn’t into blondes? Or even worse... what if he hates the color my nails?

I decided I better get ready early so everything would be just perfect!

So there I was waiting at the restaurant at approximately 7:01 p.m, waiting for my

date to arrive. Then suddenly, my night in shining armor walked through the flimsy

restaurant entrance doors. Oh, how cute he looked! He then came up to me and handed

me flowers with a divine box of chocolate. My heart started beating so rapidly that I

began to sweat through my new twenty five dollar dress. To make matters even worse, I

forgot to put on my deodorant. “Oh no!!”, I thought. So I decided to sprint to our

reserved table before he got a chance to smell me. Little did I know, sweating was the

least of my problems. Next came the appetizers, carrots with ranch dressing. Just as I

was about to devour one of the carrots, I spilt the ranch dressing all over me. To make

matters even worse, my hair was beginning to frizz up because of all the chaos. It looked

like I had just rubbed a balloon on my egg shaped head. Then suddenly, the sixteen

cans of sprite soda I drank earlier kept coming into my mind. I knew what was coming, I

could feel the sweat running down my back because I knew in my head that in a matter of

ten seconds I would burp so loud that China could hear it. Then, finally, it happened and

my faced turned redder than a tomato. I felt extremely embarrassed, so I excused myself

from the dinner table and went to the bathroom to fix up.

The trip to the bathroom was like...
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