Disaster Recovery Plan

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Christina Smithers
CSIS 1030-040

Disaster Recovery Plan
A disaster recovery plan explains in writing how an organization will respond to natural or other disasters in order to minimize downtime and damage to systems and data. Requirement
1. Identify at least five key resources that need to be addressed in the disaster recovery plan of a company that specializes in providing temporary secretarial services to small businesses. 2. For each resource briefly describe what steps the company should take to safeguard and recover or restore the resource. Admin

Save your disaster recovery plan in any text format, attach and submit.

Disaster Recovery Plan

An organization providing temporary secretarial services to small businesses needs preparation in disaster to protect clients, employees, company assets, and inside company information. The company must be aware that the best technological tools in their business can also be detrimental if a plan is not well-prepared for any events that may occur. In order to make an effective plan, data and system safety are protected by carefully examining habits to see how it would be affected in several situations. This will allow a plan to be effective because it addresses vulnerabilities, is logical, and allows a normal state to happen again as smoothly as possible.

One of the first places a temporary secretarial company needs to addresses the storage of the data as well as its recovery. Clients may have financial data such as bank account information for the accounts receivable department. The clients may also have sensitive information such as contact information for executives or details on projects. Employees may have social security numbers and account information of their own. Then of course, there are the internal company documents to protect as well. Once that data is safe, restoring it will help the company and its customers affected by emergencies be into operation sooner....
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