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Assignment: Disaster Plan

123 Textiles Corporation is located in a high-crime area that also experiences occasional earthquakes. A new network was set up with the server by a window. All systems are backed up once a month on an exterior drive. One night, a thief entered through the window and stole the server.

Create a disaster plan that would better protect the organization’s technological assets.

The choice to locate the network server by a nearby window is a very poor choice. Placing valued equipment that contains such vital information in such a conspicuous place is asking for trouble, especially in a neighborhood that is considered to have a high crime rate such as the neighborhood 123 Textiles is said to be located in. This type of equipment should be placed as far away from external access points as possible. There is even the choice of ventilated cabinetry that can be purchased for the purpose of storing this type of equipment where it can be locked away if there is not an option of a back office area location to store this type of equipment in.

The value of the equipment is not only based on the value of the system components itself, but also the value of the information it contains and 123 Textiles can find itself in a law suit from customers and perhaps even employees if any of this confidential information is compromised and distributed for illegal action such as identity theft, credit card fraud, banking fraud, etc. The cost of additional security measures are going to be minimal compared to the cost of liability from theft.

Backing up data on a monthly basis does not substantiate good practice for data security and integrity. A system should be backed up daily. These daily backups can be kept onsite for purpose of system recovery however an additional backup should be done weekly and this backup should be stored offsite at a location that is environmentally safe for the media, therefore backup media also needs to be considered...
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