Disaster Plan

Topics: Backup, Computer network, Vulnerability Pages: 4 (1319 words) Published: May 25, 2012
Disaster Plan
Emanuel Alcime
August 28, 2011
Axia College

Disaster Plan
My name is Emanuel and I am an IT/network consultant, I was hired The IST Department of XYZ Computers to create a disaster plan for the company. Now, the average person would think is there hurricane, title wave, or a tornado about to hit the company; if so why in the heck would the company need an informational technology/networking consultant to create a disaster plan. Well lucky for me it is not that type of disaster, however in the world of informational technology and networking computer viruses, worms, and sometimes natural disasters needs plan just like real disasters. That is why I am going to show you informational technology/networking and computer enthusiast the best way to plan for a disaster for your small/large business, and save your company thousands and possibly millions of dollars lost revenues, user salaries, and server outage costs in server downtime. First, I always like to start of by getting back round information on how lager is the company, how dose the company utilize the time for their network/workstation (how long the system needs to be running), and what area the company is located—I will explain why its important to know the office location later—remember information is key to planning an efficient disaster plan. Knowing how lager the company and how many people are employed with the company you will have an idea of what level of fault tolerance is needed that also goes for how often the system needs to be up and running. In addition knowing where the company is located I will know what disaster recovery is needed in the event of a natural disaster occurs. IST Department of XYZ Computers is located on the first floor and processes daily and bi-weekly payroll and human resources records for 10,000 employees. Normally it is some what of a hot site because of the amount of information that needs to be processed, but I am going to plan for a...
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