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Preparation for Disaster
Glendale Community College

Preparation for Disaster
Disasters across the world have devastated large populations and cost billions of dollars worldwide. From the tsunami in 2006 to Hurricane Katrina, the world has seen its share of the wrath of natural disasters. Populations have also experienced manmade disasters such as 9/11 and the oil spills in Louisiana. What are people doing as a population to protect, prevent, and empower oneself from these catastrophes. This process takes several phases of planning from preparation, response, and rehabilitation to accomplish a strategy that hopefully will help one survive and conquer a disaster of any type. Disaster situations

There are many types of disasters grouped into two different categories. Here in Arizona the populations concern is the Palo Verde Nuclear power plant. It is one of the largest in the US and could cause devastation across Arizona. This and others such as terrorism, fires, and any type of accident at the hands of man are considered manmade disasters. There have also been natural disasters that the world worries about that the people can do nothing about. Earthquakes along the San Andres fault, the tsunamis that follow, flooding and landslides, as well as volcanic eruptions are all things that communities, hospitals, and emergency personnel should be prepared for. Each plan for preparation can be so different because the situations can be unique, but having an overall understanding of the process can prepare for the overall emergency.

The basic plan
The first phase of having a preparedness plan is the planning phase. Without a plan nothing can be accomplished and chaos will ensue. Planning must focus on communication technique. With no communication plans can become scattered and disorganized. Ways to track patients, keep records and communicate with the community will ensure uniformity throughout emergencies. There are also...

References: Richter, Paul V. (6/1997). Hospital Disaster Preparedness: Meeting a requirement or
preparing for the worst
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