Disagreement Between Parents And Children Is Part Of Growing Up

Topics: Argumentative, Problem solving, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: March 30, 2015
Disagreement between Parents and Children
is part of Growing Up. What do you think ?
Disagreement occurs everyday in our daily life, where
two or more person have different opinions and fail to agree with each other. This is because, each person has their own
point of view on certain things. One of the most effective
ways to solve disagreement or conflict is by trying to
understand the disagreement at the first place.
Arguments between parents and children are
considered normal, but if constantly arguing will leads to
parents not being respected by their children and hatred will start to grow. The common matter that parents and their
children argues about are related to their life such as school, friends and family. Some parents are more understanding
than others but argument and disagreement still exist
between them and their children. The understanding between
parents and their children is depends on the parents’
occupation. This is because some parents works as a
teacher, kindergartener or a job that is related to children well being.
Results shows that arguing with children consistently
causes the children to lead to teenage depression and
mental problems. Some parents neglect this problem
because they did not know that this can be one of the factor that can destroy or affect their child’s whole life. Arguments lead to emotion problems, loss of control, frustration and
also hatred will grow towards their parents. Those problems
that a child might face in life can be prevented and ensure
the child’s well being.
Scientists from University of Virginia pointed out that,
parents should consider about the topic that they are going
to argue about with their children. A gentle way to
communicate with the argument to it will help young people
learn to negotiate communication skills and demonstrate

self-confidence. By using a gentle way when arguing with the children, will helps them to solve the problem easier without relationship...
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