Disadvantages of the Internet

Topics: History of the Internet, Internet, Social network service Pages: 3 (864 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Abdullah Alfraihy
ENG 107
Ms. Daily

The Internet

We as opinionated people might not agree about what is the real definition of pop culture. Each culture has their own pop culture, which depends on diverse sources. In fact, there are not many feature in pop culture that actually crossed over from it’s original culture. Most of them could not be as world pop culture because of the language barrier. On the other hand, there are many things that did not need any outside support to be popular such as BMW, Coca Cola, and the internet. Whether we like it or not pop cultures first target is the youths because they love and enjoy changing their life styles very fast. Companies usually try to satisfy them by creating some thing new which ends to be a pop culture. Since its invention in 1995, the internet has forever and will continually change and influence domestic and global pop culture.

The internet is one of the most helpful invention in history of human brain. The idea that there are billions of information, games, and books you can get them in one minute seems to not true if tell some one 50 years ago. In this moment the world will be crazy if the inter net shut down for a few hours. All of the oil, car, hospital, and education systems run on the inter net. There are fields of the inter net as pop culture talk about. The history, the present, and the future of the internet.

In the mid 50’s a few computer engineers tried to connect tow computers together but they could not because the tools back that day was not good enough to something huge like that. Until, in 1969 a prof from MIT found there is a chance to apply the inter net concept in the real world. A few years later the U.S army started really using it , but it was in very high confidential environment. Although, it was possible to be used by the people in the 1980’s. The normal people knew this invention too late. In 1996 was the first announcmet that the inter net is...
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