Disadvantages of Texting

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Instant messaging Pages: 3 (913 words) Published: October 9, 2006
These days cell phones dominates our life. It makes things much more convenient by enabling us to communicate others anywhere we go in a small amount of time. One of the most used functions on a cell phone is not the phone, but the almost instant text messaging. With the unlimited possibilities that one can do with texting, it is as popular as ever. This wonderful shortcut does have its downsides. Studies show how the radiation emitted from these phone can damage brain cells. It can take up a large amount of time that can be used for something more important. Texting is also changing the importance of grammar and right spelling, causing many problems because people simply do not know how to write formally and accurately. It is not a surprise why texting can cause so many problems physically and mentally.

In modern times so many communications are made by texting, whether the person you contact lives down the road or is at a long distance from you. It makes it much easier if one uses ‘u' instead of ‘you'. Thus the language of texting was born. Grammar, spelling, syntax, abbreviation… they do not matter anymore, which is why texting is largely popular with the younger generation. This convenience is bad in a way and had contributed to the failing grades in formal writing exams – students are used to writing informally that they are almost clueless and had to resolve to informal writing. If grammar were neglected like this it would soon become a dying art. Many people have expressed concerns about the non-existence of grammar it seemed to have in our society in the present and text messaging is not helping to change the trend.

With texting, people no longer need to put efforts into communication. A tap on the keys is all it takes and texting eliminates the use of any physical contact with the person. It does not give one a chance to put their oral and speaking skills to the test and many can develop a habit when they are constantly checking their cell phone –...
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