Disadvantages of Owning a Manufactured Home

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Disadvantages of Owning a Manufactured Home

Rose Longacre


June 27 2010
Vanessa Paskaitis

Disadvantages of Owning a Manufactured Home
People purchase manufactured homes because they are cheaper. They also love the idea of being able to choose their own floor plan, they have a more open layout, and they have more square footage for the amount of money that was spent. Some may believe these are huge advantages. Although purchasing manufactured homes have their advantages, they also have their disadvantages. People should not buy manufactured homes because; the consumer will experience big financial burdens. They are not energy efficient, and trying to finance or resell them is difficult. In this, one will see what type of financial burdens one can come across when being a consumer of manufactured homes, why manufactured homes are not energy efficient, why it is hard to acquire a mortgage loan for them, and one will see why it is so hard to resell them. According to an interview with K. Marsden (personal communication, May 1, 2010) a manufactured home owner, she has found the manufacturers have made the tubs, showers, and sinks smaller; they are also made of plastic. This costs her more money because to fix any problems, she had to either order materials from a manufactured home provider, or she had to go to a do-it oneself store like Lowes. She chose to purchase from the Lowes and because these stores do not carry this size of sinks she had to make the holes in the counter tops bigger to accommodate the new sink size. She has also found the doors and windows are odd size; this made it difficult and costly to replace them; finding someone to make custom size windows and doors is a large expense. Another problem found was the manufacturer used popcorn ceiling texture. After a major roof leak she found herself removing the entire ceiling texture from the entire house because it was the popcorn texture and painting this is impossible. These are financial burdens and hard labor that could have been prevented if one did not purchase a manufactured home in the first place. Many people buy manufactured home because they are cheaper, but by looking at the cost comparison of replacements with materials that K. Marsden (personal communication, May 1, 2010) bought at Lowes (table 1), one can see that over time it is not cheaper; this proves that it is better to keep from purchasing a home that needs such a big financial commitment. [pic]

Table 1
Another reason someone should not become a consumer for a manufactured home is the manufacturers use cheaper materials to build this type of homes versus a standard stick built home. The chart below shows the standard amenities used in Oakwood Homes (2000) versus. Rockwell (2010) stick-built basic homes (table 2). As one can see there are several disadvantages in purchasing manufactured homes. Comparison of Material used in Manufactured Homes Versus Stick Built |Manufactured homes |Stick built Homes | |2x4” walls, 2x6” is available w/upgrade |2x6” walls | |R-38 Blown insulation in ceiling |R-50 insulation not blown in ceiling | |R-19 Batt insulation in exterior wall |R-21 wall insulation for exterior | |Double paned windows, vinyl is available w/upgrade |Double glazed low E vinyl windows | |36” steel foam injected vinyl coated front door |Fiberglass 6 panel Entry doors | |32” 9- Lite rear door |Fiberglass 6 panel door...

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